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Dec 09, 2018 · Colin M6BOY rounds up the news in brief and this episode’s feature is Android Control Rig. ICQ AMATEUR/HAM RADIO PODCAST DONORS We would like to thank Nicholas Wood, Neil Connor and Andrew Brook (M7ABR) along with our monthly and annual subscription donors for keeping the podcast advert free. For Blind and Vision-Impaired Ham Radio Operators This HamRadioAndVision Web site has practical information for blind and vision-impaired amateur radio operators. Subjects include accessible transceivers, speech synthesizers, RF exposure safety, D-STAR, VOIP, digital modes, rig monitoring, radio programming, and power/SWR meters.I use HRD with my TS-990 every day. It is always connected. All of my controls work just fine..... OK, so you have functionality with HRD Rig control for the automatic antenna tuner (ATU) with the TS-990. Randy and I can now look into why that circuit does not initiate auto-tuning in our situations. But now we know it is available and functional through HRD and that some factor in our ...Colin M6BOY rounds up the news in brief and this episode’s feature is Android Control Rig. ICQ AMATEUR/HAM RADIO PODCAST DONORS We would like to thank Nicholas Wood, Neil Connor and Andrew Brook (M7ABR) along with our monthly and annual subscription donors for keeping the podcast advert free. If you are interested in Ham Radio then this collection of 380 highly educational video tutorials will get you well on the way. You will learn the basics of mastering Ham Radio, you will learn to to put together and customise your rig and you will learn what is required to obtain a licence.The RS-BA1 allows you to access your ham shack rig at a distance, whether that distance is another room in your home or another country. As long as you have internet access, you can get on the air from your ham shack. The remote control computer display above has nearly every single function from your ham shack transceiver.Ham Radio Deluxe on the FT-991 DO NOT COPY AND POST THIS DOCUMENT TO ANOTHER SITE. ... but it limits you to having to control the radio directly on the radio or with Rig Control plus the DM 780. The more complex setup places full control in the DM780. I prefer

Kia doors automatically lockWorld's leading amateur radio web site with news, technical articles, discussions, practice exams and more.multi-threading: multiple programs, written by different authors in different languages, can control the radio via Omni-Rig at the same time; external rig description files: the support of a new rig model can be implemented just by creating an ini file that describes the CAT commands of the radio;

The program integrates with the Ham Radio Deluxe Rig Control program to control band and frequency changes without exiting the program. It also integrates with the Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook to allow easy callsign look-ups and logging of your digital contacts through its built-in Add Log Entry (ALE) screen.

The 2 youtube videos below show my setup using the Remote Rig system and Ham Radio Deluxe. The 4 minute video on the left shows the reception from the IC-7300 remote radio, and the 10 minute video to the right shows the reception from the IC-7600 remote radio at the home Qth. ... To view feedback from fellow Hams about this Remote Control ...MMSSTV is an amateur radio (or ham radio) application aimed, of course, at those interested in radio techniques. With this SSTV (slow scan television) utility, images can be sent and received using a computer, a keying circuit and a ham radio. The ham radio can be VHF or HF.

International Beacon Project Locations and Information ... 8 Continental Maps and 29 Sub-Continental Maps of varying sizes for all aspects of Amateur Radio throughout the world. ... Rig control. Summary graphs and analysis. Voice announcement of current beacon. Version 5 now available. ...WELCOME TO THE RIGPIX DATABASE A no-nonsense, multi-gigabyte source of information and pictures of radios, accessories and more. This is the original, officially online since 2000, on a mission to preserve the ham radio heritage.. Check What's new? for latest updates. And hey!

Letterboxd patronHam Radio Deluxe Software CD Version. Ham Radio Deluxe now offers 12 months of Software Maintenance and Support with this CD. Software Maintenance and Support entitles you to direct access to the HRD technical support staff through either phone 813.434.4650 or This support will contain updates that will include bug fixes and new features published during this ...Rig control failure indicates that the software can't talk to the radio - could be a COM port issue, baud rate mismatch, software not set with the correct communications settings, a problem with the PC serial port settings, or the radio not being set for CAT control.

About RigPi. RigPi Station Server is a Raspberry Pi-based server for Amateur Radio operators. It can serve multiple simultaneous users, providing rig control, audio through VoIP, Morse code keying, rotor control, logging and call book lookup.
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  • You will need a rig connected to a PC. If you plan to control the rig via the iPad, you will need a control program like Ham Radio Deluxe. that supports several amateur radios for computer control. If you have a Flex Radio, just use PowerSDR (you can use Ham Radio Deluxe if you want).
  • - Support for N1MM, DXLAB, Logger32, FLDIGI + FLDIGI_UDP, W1TR Rig Control - Amplifier software PTT control requires an easy-to build RS-232 hardware adapter containing a solid state relay for amplifier PTT control by the RTS handshake signal.- Manual control of the amplifier PTT using the OPER/STBY button.
  • Radio Control Programs We offer a simple program called BCSIcom which can let you test out your USB CI-V link. It polls the radio to display the frequency and mode, and lets you set them as well. It is not a full featured radio control program, but it is handy to check out that the basic hardware, USB CI-V Interface, and drivers all work.
Compare the best free open source Windows Ham Radio Software at SourceForge. Free, secure and fast Windows Ham Radio Software downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory The demo includes some dummy QSOs so you can use LOGic's many features without having to enter your own data. The demo QSOs are deleted automatically after you enter enough of your own QSOs to go over the demo limit, or you may delete them from LOGic's Tools menu. The demo QSOs will not export in ADIF format.Hamlib Design ----- The library provides functions for both radio and rotator control, and data retrieval from the radio or rotator. A number of functions useful for calculating distance and bearing and grid square conversion are included. - library that provides generic API for all RIG types.The Radio Operations Center (ROC) is a comprehensive suite of full-featured software solutions for commercial radio, amateur (Ham) radio, MARS and marine radio control. ROC is the only 32-bit Windows software available for operating TNCs in host mode as well as soundcard support for all the digital radio modes.A new revolution in Android DMR Convergence Introducing the new RFinder B1 Dual band FM/DMR, Worldphone, DMR ROIP PMR and Amateur models, with ATEX & 2.4GHZ Maxtech Mesh coming soon! NOW RELEASED!!! Now both Amateur and Professional Mobile Radio Introducing RFinderPro... Mobile Device Managment including PMR and Amateur models, with ATEX & 2.4GHZ Maxtech Mesh coming soon!To activate the Rig toolbar, right-click over the Navigation toolbar and select Rig. Diagnostic Logging. CommCat provides a way to log that data going to and from your radio. This tool is handy if you are trying to troubleshoot a connection. To enable this logging, put a check in Log Rig Control in File>Settings>Program>Startup>Diagnostics.We use a proprietary Web-based console allowing operators to rotate antennas, monitor power/SWR, and control the radio in REAL time. Both RHR services can be accessed with either the Elecraft K3//10/100-Mini for an "authentic" radio experience - a real radio with a VFO knob, microphone and paddles for CW or our WebDX browser technology.
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