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Un scorpide est une famille de familier férocité dans World of Warcraft. Ils aiment manger viande. ... The pet catches up the next attack going for your hunter, so the hunter does not get hit but the pet instead ... i hope not, pets used 2 make each hunter unique and it didn't matter not 2 long ago wat pet u had, but i feel that since blizz ...Hunter Macros: Pet. Bestial Wrath and Intimidation. ... Attack or Follow. This macro will toggle your pet between attacking or following. /petfollow [target=pettarget,exists] /petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] ... This macro will revive pet if it's dead by activating it in conjunction with the alt key, call pet if it's not out or dismiss ...Home › Forums › Vanilla Wow Forum › Class Guides › Hunter › Pathetic's useful hunter macros Tagged: hunter , macro This topic contains 1 reply, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Chubbin 9 months, 2 weeks ago .As an old vanilla WoW player and long-time BM Hunter, I tamed Broken Tooth as soon as I hit level 39 and ran with him as my primary pet for years (named Sarge). The reason for wanting his 1.0 attack speed then was that each attack had the potential to interrupt spell casting in an opponent, and since he hit twice as often as most pets, he had ... These macros contain abilities which are only available for certain hunter specs. A. Beast Mastery Hunter Macros Bestial Wrath DPS Macro. This macro sends your pet in to attack your target and uses your major damage cooldowns. One button press will activate your trinket, cast Bestial Wrath, Kill Command & Rabid (Ferocity pets only). This Macro will start Auto Shot, send your pet to attack the target and cast Hunter’s Mark, all with one press of the button. It is one of the most useful macros I know. It also makes sure that Auto Shot stays active, even if you press it multiple times. If you just want a spammable Auto Shot macro, here it is: Use: This macro will force the pet to auto attack either your target or the target of whoever you are healing. Also by clicking the macro a second time it will shield your Shadowfiend (thus reducing the chance your pet will die). Overall you will recover more mana. ... WotLK Death knight Death knight · Druid Druid · Hunter ...

Sabsa training india1 - Wing Clip / Raptor Strike Macro - I use this a ton. It clips and Raptor Strikes the target in one swipe. 2 - Mongoose Bite / Raptor Strike macro - I switch to this macro if the target is already clipped and I am unable to get range. 3 - Hunter's Mark - I desperately need to change this to something more useful.Jan 03, 2017 · Your pet can aggro mobs, establish CC or break it, and ought to be doing damage on just the right target, or be in the right place to do that damage. So, this section will go over a few basic pet control macros and what you can do with them. 2.3.1 - PET ATTACK The following macro is a simple macro that'll send your pet at your target.

As a new World of Warcraft hunter, a great way to learn about new pet abilities and try out different wow hunter pets, is to change your pet as you go along and increase your character's level and experience. The trouble is, it's not always easy to know which wow hunter pets are available to you at each level bracket of the game.

The above macro heals you the hunter, but without requiring the pet to switch away from the hostile target. It also throws a regular mend-pet heal on the spirit beast. Very very helpful during raid-damage moments where the healer is too busy saving the tank, or if you are out of range of the healer.

Pets that have been instructed to attack dead targets with a special ability or attack will attempt to approach and attack the dead target, but will return to the hunter's side when the ability ...8. Pet control Macro As mentioned in the spell casting section, you can use /cast to cast your pet's abilities by name. /petattack , sends your pet to attack your target. /petfollow , causes your pet to follow you, cancelling its attack if necessary. /petstay , causes your pet to hold at its current location until given another command.first press will attack, second press will call pet back to you. Change "yuqq" to your characters name. If you use super macro this one does the same as above but auto targets and applies hunters mark but wont spam hunters mark again on a target already marked /script if GetUnitName("target")==nil then TargetNearestEnemy() end

Cat height chartThe basic attack macro should go on all spells, even cooldowns like Bestial Wrath. Everything that you will be pressing repeatedly during your rotation. The petattack macro needs to be only on abilities that will make your pet move, so Kill Command is typically enough, but Barbed Shot is also reasonable.Update to my Classic Hunter Macros, more to come. ... attack timer addon is called WeaponSwingTimer downloaded from Twitch Client to look like YAHT. ... A Guide for Hunter Pets - World of Warcraft ...

This Macro will start Auto Shot, send your pet to attack the target and cast Hunter's Mark, all with one press of the button. It is one of the most useful macros I know. It also makes sure that Auto Shot stays active, even if you press it multiple times. If you just want a spammable Auto Shot macro, here it is:
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  • As far as I can tell, you're not able to remove the Pet Attack button from the Pet Bar unless you use an addon that allows it. I would perform a UI reset in order to reset the interface and see if this returns your Pet Attack button.
  • Jun 13, 2007 · BigRedKitty: Basic hunter macros. ... We can make a very simple macro to assist us with this task which we will call the Pet Attack Macro: Pet Attack Macro ... all-powerful macro as the hunter-pet ...
  • Allows you to /click PetSpecialAttackButton in a macro to use your current pet's special ability. Download. Install. PetXPBar By weryis. PetXPBar by weryis ... Shows hunter pet spec and abilities in tooltips. Download. Install. ... Pet Attack By DHedbor. Pet Attack by ...
The buzz on WoW Hunter Pets provides the specializations, skills, and abilities of pets. ... passively increases your pet's attack speed, critical strike chance and ... you haven't seen. However, you can put these abilities in your action bars for later use and you can also make some macros. Keep in mind that you can turn on and off almost ...Login is same as for the Forum. General; Cataclysm; WotLK; TBC; Vanilla Quick FactsHello, everyone. Raziya here - since the old Nostalrius forums are down, this thread is no longer available for viewing over there. So, thanks to someone reposting a recent version of the [Redux] edition in another thread, Im reposting that here so I can continue to maintain this guide. Check out...and a hotkey. When you use it on your pet, it will be adjusted for your haste. There have been procs that happen when your pet crits, but the ones I found were on the "basic" attacks, not auto-attacks. I think fast attack is mostly psychological, it feels fun as the hunter, and it might be intimidating in casual pvp (especially if its a spider).Like a /castsequence macro, it cycles through a series of commands when the button is pushed. However, unlike castsequence, it uses macro text for the commands instead of spells, and it advances every time the button is pushed instead of stopping when it can't cast something.One of my buddies from Conquest, the resto-shamantastic Catrii, asked me a question this week about setting up mouseover macros. I thought the explanation might benefit the community as a whole, especially as many of us are cleaning up our UIs in an attempt to be faster and more accurate once Ulduar hits. Here's a […]Need help? Description: These are all the things I have /startattack macro'd with. Just another note about these is things like Hemorrhage, backstab, eviscerate is none of these have a cool down, so one thing that you can do with these attacks is putting #showtooltip Vanish, Shadow Blades, Vanish, or even marked for death.
Pet Management Pet management is important especially in Classic WoW where your pets health pool is so low, if you don't manage your pet you will quickly find yourself without a pet for most of the game. Below are some great hunter pet management macros that combine seven functions into two buttons. One Button Pet Attack, Follow And Assist Macro